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Thu, Aug 17, 2017 7:09 PM


advertising overlay is back - unfortunately

The "advertising overlay" (my made-up term) on IMDb information pages has returned, after a long absence (I was hoping death!) when I thought we had convinced the staff that it was annoying and error-inducing. What I'm talking about here is basically a pop-up that covers the screen - right where you (or I) might be about to click some link - to advertise something that could be advertised in the "reserved" space at the top or on the sides. I realise IMDb, as they are offering a free service, basically can do what they want, especially considering there is no competition for disgruntled users to revert to when it (IMDb) crosses a line, but you (IMDb) offer your services as a community, and for my part, I believe the community should call for an end to overlay advertising. As noted, it is annoying, and can cause users to click on unwanted links, or, even worse, to click on and then visit the advertised content when that is the last thing the user would want. Please draw your commercialism lines, and then work within them, to the benefit, not the annoyance, of users (who also may be contributors).

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