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Mon, Jan 16, 2017 12:40 AM

A trailer ad ON TOP OF the trailer I am TRYING to watch is so stupid I am about to boycott you

So you put a trailer ad for something I don't care about—The Young Pope—ON TOP OF the trailer you promoted on your homepage—Youth in Oregon—I was TRYING to watch but I can't watch it because clearly you only care about ad revenue these days. Why would you disrespect users who want to view a trailer in peace by making one third of the trailer an AD FOR SOMETHING ELSE. Is nothing sacred anymore? When did you become so greedy IMDB? If this keeps happening, the loyal fan that I am, touting you as my most used website, will disown you forever because it turns out all you care about is money. If that's the case so be it, but how absolutely stupid can you be. IMDB is, sorry was, a site for movie fans. If you can't even respect a movie trailer anymore, then shame on you and I'm done and hopefully others will follow.




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5 y ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the advertisements on our site. 

Please rest assured that your feedback has been forwarded to our staff in charge of advertising for their review. 

We occasionally allow pop-up ads and other ad formats because some of our advertisers have expressed their preference for these alternative methods of promoting their products and services. 

We realize that some of these advertising methods may be more intrusive or require more user interaction than regular banner ads, so we constantly work together with our advertisers to substantially limit the frequency of such ads and achieve a good balance between an effective promotional exposure and maintaining great site usability. 

Please keep in mind that is a free service: our advertisers help us to continue providing you with great movie information, and thanks to them we can keep offering our popular service for free and continually improve our site with new content and features. 

We obviously do not wish to annoy or alienate our users, and we use a cookie-based system to strictly limit the number of ads that are displayed to users during the same session. 

Make sure that your browser is configured to accept cookies, which are used to detect whether you've already been shown a particular ad. If you get the same ad whenever you open a new page or click on a link, enabling cookies and restarting your browser should take care of the problem. If you are worried about privacy, please see our Privacy Policy at: 

If you do have cookies enabled and you still get multiple ads/popups, it's likely that they are not being sent by us. Make sure that you close ALL your browser windows, shutdown your browser then relaunch it and try accessing our site again Some ads are designed to be loaded in the background when you visit a site but are only displayed after a long delay or when you close the browser window and leave the original site. 

Finally, be aware that some ads may be generated by third-party software installed on your computer. Many free software applications (e.g. music/file sharing programs) often include hidden components that run in the background and show pop-up ads at random intervals while you're browsing the net or display targeted ads based on your browsing habits or on what you type on a web page. 

For more information about these types of software (commonly known as 'spyware' and 'adware') and tools to detect/remove them from your computer see: 

Thank you for your continued support of 

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5 y ago

This is So annoying!!!