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Sunday, November 12th, 2023 10:14 AM

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What's this '90 television series? French or German

It's a college teen idol show. About immigrants, tattoos and exchange students. The entire premises are basically in a television dinner. It's supposed to be romantic because it's spiced with a lot of romance and kissing. The entire show is foggy. I'm not really sure how many episodes or seasons it got. A lot of the old shows have running time over an hour sometimes. There's an episode where they try to grab the town lottery by fixing the bingo machine. And, another episode where the twin sisters performed a boyfriend exchange for love tickets and attention. It usually ran versus 90210 Beverly and Baywatch. It did have an absolute abundance like a catch phrase or the title. I always thought it was titled after the set dinner. The cast is basic. Three guys, three girls, a lady, a teacher and mayor. With approximate appearances. I think the director liked to add a lot of cartoon elements.

for the edit: for the lack of influential information the title was cosmic in translation. it's a few words in the native language 'you're never going to be in a union because you're a young animal'.

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