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Thu, Dec 19, 2019 5:08 PM


What's the movie where a lawyer murders the bad guy with a tainted Eli pen

This is a thriller, perhaps a tv movie. Bad guy out to get revenge on lawyer, stalks lawyer's wife and young son to dark house (vacation home?), murders wife, but son hides in cabinet or box and survives. Movie is about constant fear that bad guy will murder lawyer and son. In the end lawyer follows or lures bad guy to isolated house in field. Bad guy has allergies and lawyer saves him with an epi pen - but the lawyer is actually getting away with murdering him because he has tainted the epi pen. Seems like lawyer had realized that some substance from shellfish(?) would trigger the allergy. There is an innocuous scene earlier in the movie where lawyer and son visit the beach - but you realize later lawyer was actually gathering the deadly substance.

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