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Tue, Jul 23, 2019 8:05 PM

What Ron Perlman movie/series

There's a movie as a scene what's Ron Perlman an empty pool as a Greek mosaic tile. There's a dentist chair type in the pool and someone sitting in the chair. A woman on a stool next to the chair. There us tables and computer setup and there's an IV bag to the person in the chair. I have a screenshot but I don't know the movie.


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a year ago

Looks like " Skin Trade " to me from 2014!

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a year ago

That's definitely The Blacklist, season 2 episode 10 "Luther Braxton Conclusion",
where Elizabeth was drugged and interrogated in the empty pool.   Ron Perlman guest starred as Luthor Braxton, and as best as I recall, they were trying to implant false memories.