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Sat, Sep 8, 2018 2:35 AM

What movie is this? Opening scene: the footage is in reverse and a man is in front of a mirror...

...pointing a gun to his head, and then he's cutting his hair if I remember correctly. (Edit: he's shaving his head.) Shortly afterwards we see him move (still in reverse) beside someone's bloody body, and as their bloodstains shrink, we see then that he has shot them. And I think when he's at the mirror, he's possibly writing something on the mirror or on some note paper, and we see all of this happen in reverse.

My memory of this is very shaky. It's the opening of a movie, and I posted this question years ago on the forums but sadly no-one knew it. (I recently posted looking for help to find archived versions of the forum in order to find my original question.)

Is it NOT Memento. Memento begins with a Polaroid picture and doesn't have any of that stuff I described.



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