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Sat, Feb 9, 2019 3:53 AM

What is this movie??

There is a movie or tv episode out there with a specific scene in it that no one else in my family knows of but me! Which is unusual because many of my family members are in the film business. It has been a hilarious and infuriating topic of discussion for three years now and we cannot find an answer anywhere! Can someone help me figure out what movie/tv show it’s from?!
I think it is a newer film (last 10 years for sure) and it has a futuristic theme.
The scene I recall goes something like this:
I think it is toward the end of the movie. The government has gotten their hands on some unbreakable black space metal that welds itself together, completely sealed. They use bricks of this metal to build a prison cube, and lock the protagonist of the film inside. It can only be unlocked with the fingertips of one of the government employs being inserted into the metal. A government worker enters the box with the “prisoner” inside and begins asking questions. Partway throug the questioning, the government employ discloses he is turning on the government, and helps the protagonist transport out of the box (or time travel out...something like that). Another gov. employee notices it’s taking too long, opens the box, and finds them gone.
What movie is this?! There is no way I could make this up!!


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2 years ago

That is the Doctor Who episode Day of the Moon.