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Sun, Nov 20, 2022 8:05 AM

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Trying to find movie set in medieval times (might be two different movies)

Okay, so I've been haunted by memories of a movie set in medieval times that I saw when I was younger (saw them in the 1998-2003 period, but that's not necessarily when they were made). I can't recall much from them other than two scenes, and some supporting details about the second. As the title indicates, these might be two completely different movies.

The first scene I remember is a battle between two groups that takes place on an open snowy "plane". One group is headed by an king that I believe is supposed to be evil. He either had blonde or brown hair that wasn't long, was clean shaven, and had i think purplish armor, with a black cape, no helmet. Can't remember what the rest of his fighters looked like, but I think his horse was white.

The other group wore either orange or red and was the victorious group, and I believe they could use magic. I seem to recall that the king fought the leader of the red/orange group, and after trading some insults, the red/orange leader plunged his sword into the ground and revealed everyone had been fighting on ice the whole time (hence the quotes around plane above). The bad king fell into the newly created hole, which then sealed itself within seconds.

Now, the second scene took place in a medieval peasant village, and started with a young girl sitting alone at a long table. Then this guy wearing a black "bodysuit" for lack of a better term (I can't remember if his hair was black or if the "bodysuit only left his face exposed), came into the room and started talking to the girl. After a moment he says "I can do magic, see?".

He then twirls around and suddenly morphs into a man wearing a white shirt, black pants, shoulder length blonde or red hair, with a completely different voice, and a sword. After entertaining her briefly, he leaves. Note, this actually isn't the first time he demonstrates this ability in the movie, but I don't remember the context for the first time he does this.

Later in the movie that same guy, returns to the girl, but the girl is now an adult and has a son that was her age from earlier in the movie. However, the guy is actually the servant/assistant to an evil woman, who presumably can use magic too, but I don't remember her doing so. All I remember about what she looked like is that she had dark hair, and either wore a mostly dark blue or dark green outfit (leaning towards blue).

Anyway the evil woman tries to take the girls son, against her protests, and the evil woman kills her by somehow causing her to fall off a long set of stone steps outside the girls home, which greatly upsets her servant/assistant.

Again, these could be two different movies, and I know it's not much to go on, but it's one of the few childhood mysteries I have left...

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8 days ago

Never mind, I figured it out myself via dumb luck while I was using The movie quotes database

Both scenes are from the same miniseries called Merlin, made in 1998…..

Had a few minor details wrong, but all the main elements I mentioned did happen…