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Tue, Sep 7, 2021 7:03 AM

police man run after criminal

This is a film from 70s, maby 80s.

There is really only one scene i remember. But it has been building up to this scene through the whole film.
The scenery is from a poor part of a big city. Open concrete fields, some beat down buildings etc.

The policeman/detective has been trying to catch a small crook/drug dealer some times through the film. But the drug dealer is much faster than him.

In the scene i remember, the detective and the drug dealer has a final showdown, where i am pretty sure the detective catch him.

The element that i remember as most important is how fast this drug dealer is. It is most likely a pretty young person.


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11 d ago

Somewhy reminds me of Dick Tracy!


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@JBBattery Thank you for reply. But i remember the drugdealer/criminal as an young adult. 17-25.


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10 d ago

It sounds a little like the ending of Fort Apache The Bronx.  Paul Newman is the policeman.  He tried to run after a suspect at the beginning of the film but couldn't catch up.  At the ending, he tries it again and catches the guy.  That is just a guess though.