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Tue, Sep 3, 2019 8:59 PM

Please help me find this movie.....very tough- early to mid 90s children's movie. Possibly TV movie.

Ok. So I have a hard one for you all! There was a movie I watched in grade school, so this would have been in the mid 90s and I believe that I watched it in school. Which is completely bizarre because looking back it might not have been the most kid friendly movie....but hey, it was the 90s! It could have possibly been on TV at one point too...

The movie is about this girl, I would put her around 12. I believe she was lost or looking for something. The only significant part of the movie I remember is that she stays with the woman in a cottage. The woman has two daughters and I remember them being mean. She overheard them talking about eating her one night, so she takes off before they can. I believe the two sisters actually end up getting cooked too, but that might be my imagination now.

I really don't remember much more but I do get the feeling that the movie had this whimsical feel to it.

I know it's not much to go off of but any help would be appreciated!! TY


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a year ago

So, it's sort of like Cinderella, mixed with Hansel und Gretel? Are you sure about the detail, the period, the genre?