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Thu, Dec 27, 2018 12:16 PM

Please help me find this movie

I watched this movie about 5 years ago, The main actor was a young boy about 11 years old, with blonde hair and green eyes with long lashes. He lived with his mother who was always angry with him and in one scene she almost hit him where he then told her to go ahead and kill him and free herself from his burden.I think they had just moved into this new neighborhood.the kids didn't like him and I think they framed him once?but he eventually befriended one of those kids who then warned him about some old woman.In one scene where he and the other kids were playing,their ball went into the old woman backyard and the kids made the boy to bring it back; thats when he sees the oldwoman and they start to talk and he used to go to her house every day and talk untill she gifts him an old box and tells him not to open it.I don’t know what happened next but one day the boy goes to visit the old woman but some creepy old guy tells him she died.I think the boy had a passion for drawing because the last scene was him,all grown up,with his wife at an art show and his wife was telling him not to give up or something.
Anyway thnx


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2 years ago

I don't know the answer (on account of the provided description of the protagonist), but I do know that Un secreto de Esperanza has roughly the exact same plot.