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Tue, Dec 18, 2018 10:20 AM

Please help me find this movie

Okay so I probably watched it around 10 years ago. I remember the protagonist (around 20) who lives in a hotel/motel where he meets a girl with whom he develops a relationship. There is also this woman who goes to the park regularly and leaves a white rose for her son who has died. In the motel we also see a room full of photos of kids which is always locked. In the end it is revealed that the protagonist is dead, this woman is his mother who can't see him while he can see her and that the girl and all the people at the motel are also dead. Did I dream this or is it a movie?


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10 months ago

 I Have never seen the movie, but if you dreamed it, you should be a Writer as it sonds to be a GOOD MOVIE!