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Sun, Aug 11, 2019 2:11 AM


guys i need help ASAP.. i found a old moive reel with the movie the music box from 1932 still on it. it not a 7mm or 8mm its the real deal reel. what info can you gives me ???? i googled and didnt find anything on it




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a year ago

I have no idea what you googled, because this gets plenty of results:

Why didn't you find it on IMDb?
Nearly every page of IMDb has a search box at the top.
When I entered "the music box", this was one of the choices:
The Music Box (1932) (Short)
Laurel & Hardy
Here it is on YouTube, where the poster claims it is public domain:
The video quality there looks excellent, so it's unlikely that your reel (if it's the same film) has value to anyone but a collector of reels of old film . 
The title is also available on dvd:

Perhaps contact your local university to see if they have a film department that would be interested?
Or try to sell it on eBay?

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a year ago

I found this info on wikipedia