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Tue, Sep 14, 2021 3:42 PM

Name of a British drama film (possibly released between the late '90s-2004)

I remember seeing a British drama film about a shy man in his late 30s or early 40s looking for a soul mate, he also had a female friend who was a singer, who sings a very cool song at the end of the movie. This shy man with glasses starts talking to a blonde woman (with short hair, possibly a pixie hair cut) in a restaurant or bar/pub, and she asks him "how many times do you masturbate?", he replies "how do you know I masturbate?", then she says "I don't know anybody who doesn't".  She was somehow impressed with his answer because he wasn't embarrassed. 

There was also a scene where this man was upset with a roommate or an acquaintance but didn't tell that person what bothered him, so he said to himself in his flat. 

They start seeing each other and somehow end up in a graveyard. I think they have sex or try to have sex, and the shy man says some romantic words or "I love you", and the woman tearfully says "I can't give you what you want".  

Does anyone know the name of this movie? Thanks so much! 


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