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Mon, Dec 23, 2019 9:23 AM

movie name based on plot Supernatural crime/psychological thriller

Part of the plot describes a couple on a highway when their car breaks down. one guy with a cowboy hat meets the couple and starts questioning the husband. the husband had a corpse hidden in the trunk of the car from an accidental murder he commited. The marshall/sherrif seems to have supernatural abilities and portrays the angel of death who knows everything about them both. the woman gets freaked out after he chases her in a desolate town near the dessert and in one scene she shoots him but he doesn't die. She asks him "who are you?" in shock and awe. The movie ends with the marshall/angel shooting her husband where he falls in a pre-made grave in a godly quest for redemption.

I believe the angel is the actor Woody Harrelson but unfortunately after going through the list of his movies I'm not sure I can find this movie. It could be someone who resembles him a lot. any help would be appreciated.


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