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Sun, Sep 16, 2018 3:12 AM

Movie from early 70's - Person can't leave hotel til their number is called. Discovers they are dead & can never leave!

Trying to remember the name of this movie has been driving me crazy for many years.  I saw a movie in the early 1970's about someone (I think it was a man) who was stuck in a hotel (or possibly casino). He kept going to the lobby where there were other people.  When someone's number was called, they were allowed to leave.  This person kept waiting for his number to be called, and it never was.  He finds out towards the end, that he's actually dead, and he's "stuck" in that hotel and can't leave.  


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2 years ago

Could not it be an episode from "Twilight Zone"?

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2 years ago

There was a 70's T.V. movie called "Haunts of the Very Rich."  If that's not it, perhaps it could put you on the right track!