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Mon, May 4, 2020 9:28 PM

Movie about neglected mutants/sick poeple on the moon and the Earth needs their help

I remember watching a movie and I am trying to find the name after many years.
Here is what I remember:
  • The setting is in space close to Earth (moon or some kind of space station).
  • Many neglected/abandoned mutant (meaning sick with deformations a lot of costume and make up) humans were sent to live there. Rather miserable.
  • At some point there is a problem on Earth and they send someone to get something from these mutants. I think it is a disease and they need serum or a person from them.
  • Whole movie is more or less a dialogue between the mutants and the person from Earth (not an action movie).
Does anyone know the title?


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1 y ago

I doubt this is it, because it doesn't match your description very well, but it does involve mutants on an "interstellar ark," so I'll mention it (PANDORUM, 2009):

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1 y ago

It's probably an episode of the short-lived anthology Masters of Science Fiction:
The Discarded