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Mon, Dec 9, 2019 6:36 PM

Middle east war series name?

It was a short lived TV series where a armored convoy is trapped and surrounded on a rooftop and another armored convoy is sent to rescue them. A lot of it was shot at night and was almost in the story form of Blackhawk Down (but in Iraq?) 

The armored squad was trapped on in a building and rooftop, in one scene the rescue convoy is coming under heavy fire and winds up passing the street the squad they are looking for is on. 
Another helos are looking for flares to id the squad's position...and I seem to remember a scene where the terrorists are using civilians for cover. 
Sorry about the sketchy details, but I caught the show in parts/episodes and would like to see if it's available somewhere.

Can't remember any of the actors, but the series was only 1 season (if there was more I never saw them listed) 
The series is a few years old. 

Thanks... Hawk.


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a year ago

Yup, thanks! Long Road home was the one I was looking for. (lol, I have the other 2 you listed) ;-)