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Sun, Sep 12, 2021 2:27 AM

Looking for some movies if you could help me remember...

Hello, I have fragmented memories from some movies I've seen, I'll post them in order of most information/ memory recall to least:

1) I saw this movie in the theaters (probably mid 90's). Plot is there is a teenager who is accused of raping/murdering a teenage girl. There is a trial and at the end of the movie he is convicted of manslaughter. I think at one point in the movie his father was covering up or hiding some evidence to protect his son.

2) Watched this movie on TV (probably cable early/mid 90's, but the movie might have been late 80's) it was some sort of action movie with one of the typical big names that isn't really acting anymore (think Jean Claud Van Damm type or one of the wrestlers, he was muscular). I remember he drives a Lamborghini Countach (I think it was red), near the end of the movie he has sex with a woman under a bridge/ overpass on a gravel road; I think a kid on a dirt bike interrupts them.

3) Late 90's cable TV movie, at the end the female character says something to the male character like "by the way, you never asked me what my name meant; DW, it's Wet Dream backwards".

4) Late 90's cable TV movie, one seen when two boys are together late at night. I think one of them was naked (you don't see anything below the waste), he undresses the other, the other boy gets shy and the first boy says: "it's okay, see, he likes it"

I appreciate your assistance with these memory fragments.
- sorry I don't have much more information


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