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Mon, Sep 30, 2019 6:26 AM

Looking for a sword and sandal film

Hi all!

I do not know if this is the right forum and right place to ask, but I am looking for a movie in which a muscular man plays.

The movie is set in ancient Egyptian era, filmed in color, probably produced in 60's or 70's, or perhaps earlier, but absolutely no later than 70's.
In the film, the muscle man is captured by the ruler and is punished.
He is chained and is pulled by hundreds or even thousands of soldiers or pyramid workers from both sides.
First, he seems to be defeated, but then he gets strength and pulls them together though they try not to.
The scene is played in front of a pyramid under construction.
As he pulls the chains, his six pack is focused and it looks really great!
I have never seen anything like his.

That is all I remember.
I am not sure if this film is from Maciste series or not. Highly likely, but so far as I checked, none is what I am looking for.
I also googled with search term "feat of strength" and this words with Maciste or Hercules or Ursus show lots of images of a man pulled from both sides either by ropes or chains. But none of them does not fit in my memory.

A similar scene is seen in "Triumph of the Son of Hercules," starred by Kirk Morris
but this scene is not, in that he is tied with ropes not chains, pulled by two chariots not by many men.

Another similar scene is "Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops," starred by Gordon Mitchell
but this one is not. He is pulled only by eight men from both sides at most.
Ropes are used. Not set in Egypt. Lions do not appear.

"Hercules the Invincible" is another resemblance, but he is pulled by elephants in this one.

These are the crucial criteria.
- The setting is ancient Egypt, in front of pyramid
- Chained and pulled by so many men

Anyone think of such film, please let me know.
Thank you.


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