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Thu, Apr 12, 2018 11:09 AM

Looking for 90s family movie

90s movie, likely rated PG; a preteen brunette girl ties bedsheets together to escape her workaholic fathers house, and sets off to find her mom around Christmas time. Her father hires a man to find her and bring her back home. The man finds her, befriends her, and helps her find her mom instead. I vaguely remember the girl needing to sell some sentimental personal item of hers (a necklace, or watch maybe?), but the man decides to sell his gun instead. This was NOT a blockbuster hit at the time, probably a $5 VHS




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3 years ago

Nikki: I'm not certain, but this sounds somewhat like Little Miss Millions (1993), also known as Home for Christmas, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Howard Hesseman.