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Thu, Nov 18, 2021 2:30 PM

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Looking for 2 films based on scenes I remember

Hello All,

Hope will be able to get help finding these films:

1. A Female mercenary/terrorist is sat at surveillance room, looking at CCTV, gets attacked and knocked unconcious (punched?) by the hero.

When she comes to, she reaches for a gun (or attacks the hero), to which he responds by grabbing her head an snapping her neck.

The antagonist is a brunette with a ponytail if I remember correcty. The film is from 90s or early 2000s and from what I remember it is a low budget action film. Something made me think it is Micheal Dudikoff starring as the protagonist, but cannot find any film of his matching this scene, so might be wrong here.

2. A group of (crooked cops?) attack a cabin of the protagonist. One of the (cops?) is a female. The hero sets up a trap and hides underneath the entry stairs. She trips over on the said stairs and is faced with a gun being pointed at her face by the hero. Think she says something like 'F*ck' or 'Sh*t' at this point and the scene ends with her presumably shot dead. It's an action film from early 2000s, possibly starring an Afro-American main character.

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