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Mon, Apr 2, 2018 4:06 AM

Hi! Please please help my find this rom com movie!

Hi! I'm looking of a Rom-Com movie that has this one scene in it where a guy and a girl, who are close friends, sleep with each other after they reach some specific number of drinks (drunk between the two of them). I think this number was referred to as a "drink number" or something along those lines, and it was either 18 or 21. Sorry for not having more detail, but thanks!


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2 years ago

I'm pretty positive that you're talking about How to be Single with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson. Rebel's character Robin introduces the "drink number" concept stating that in every male-female friendship there's a total number of drinks and if you hit it, you'll definitely have sex. Dakota's character Alice's number is 3 and her male friend Tom's number is 8, they can't hit 11 drinks or they'll end up having sex (she further stipulates it's not a 4 for Alice, 7 for Tom situation...each person has to hit their individual magic number).

I know 11 wasn't the number you listed...but I have a feeling this is the Rom-Com you're looking for regardless. Enjoy, I remember I did. :)