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Sun, Oct 24, 2021 6:47 PM

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Help! Name of High School/Teen Movie where New Girl falls for Popular Guy and Ex Girlfriend tries to get her out of the School!!

Hi, I'm trying to find this Movie that I remember seeing awhile back. I believe that it was a High School/Teen Drama/Comedy that came out around 2010-2015 range? I seem to remember it being about a New Girl in School, perhaps she was Spanish or from a different Country or she was in Hiding from someone. She ends up liking the Popular Guy in School and his Ex Girlfriend doesn't like that at all she tries to get her out of the School! It could have been that the New Girl was on the run from something too. The Mean Girl was going to turn her into the Cops, I can't be sure. 

I remember this one scene with the Ex Girlfriend telling the guy that she was going to ruin the New Girl's life and/or have her deported. The guy gets close to her standing in or outside the School and he tells her to "Leave the New Girl alone or he was going to have the Football Team hold her down and shave her head!!" The Bitchy Girlfriend looks at him with hurt and shock and sadness. For some reason this is the only scene that really stays with me. If anyone could give me an idea on what this Movie could be? 

It may have been a Lifetime or Direct to Video/TV Movie if that helps in any way. Thank you in advance for any info that you could give me!!

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Il y a 8 m

Sounds like the movie "Means Girls" with Lindsay Lohan (New Girl, came from Africa I think), and Rachel McAdams (Mean Girl), but this movie is from 2004. New Girl falls in love with Mean Girls' ex.

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Il y a 3 d

That's 80% of the films, so you found it? because you intrigued me, too.