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Tue, Oct 15, 2019 11:27 PM

help me find this movie please,

1970's movie about a young college professor who moves to a small midwestern town and starts a job in a factory or on a farm. He gets engaged to a local girl. At the reception or possibly the wedding the mother in law tells him to go out and buy a gallon of vanilla ice cream. The final scene is him in his topless sports car driving away and throwing the gallon of ice cream in the air. It lands on the pavement as he disappears into the distance. 
i thought this was a Warren Beatty movie, but i think i'm wrong. 


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8 months ago

I just now checked all the Warren Beatty movies on Comcast and opened the Titles and none sounds right. I wish I could help you!

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8 months ago

I'm fairly certain the movie you are thinking of is the 1970 film Adam at Six A.M.

You can watch the full movie here:

Let me know if this is it.