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Tue, Oct 29, 2019 10:07 PM

Help find a movie

I've been searching for a movie,its a teen movie.there is
a friendship group and they go to a club in one scene and then one of the girls ends up ditching the group for a guy and she meets him in a wood/forest and at the end her friends throw her s birthday party and she gets her first bra


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a year ago

pretty vague info to be able to find by searching randomly ;-P 
can you remember even one actor from it? that's how I tend to find movies I can't remember... even if i don't know their name I'll find another movie I knew they were in to get their name, and then find it by the list of all the films they've been in...
apart from that, possibly remembering a key scene that stuck out that was more specific than "going to a club" or "meets a guy in seclusion".... those fit a limitless amount of movies i can think of. 
more like a specific funny moment that caused a turn in the plot.. or even what the movie was specifically about. 
by the examples your giving it's hard to even tell what genre it might be <3