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Thu, Aug 3, 2017 12:17 PM


early 1970s rare gay-themed movie with middle aged man cheating on his wife with a younger man

In this early 1970s movie I saw on TV (it may not have been a TV movie) a middle aged man cheats on his wife with a younger man who looked like something like Richard Thomas, but it probably wasn't him.

The man's wife suspects something is going on but at first fears he's seeing a woman. She somehow finds out where he's been going to and knocks on the door. The man answers and for a few tense seconds she can't figure it out, but then it sinks in and she starts laughing hysterically, repeating several times in a smoky voice, "you and my husband, hahaha, you and my husband..."

This theme would have definitely stood out in those times, and on the old IMDB board someone suggested a Michael Douglas movie I don't remember (did someone save and upload the archives?), but I'm not sure this scene is in it.

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