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Sun, May 24, 2020 11:58 AM

Does anyone know the title for this movie/drama plot below? Thank you

• Setting: European-styled Mansion

• Character: Doctor, a lady & others

• Scene description 1: The guy used to be a doctor (He's a retired doctor). He went through some sort of trauma and has since wasted his life away by drinking. He could hardly return to his job with shaky hands. Everyone in the house including maids have stopped seeing him as one. He never regarded himself as Doctor.... rather he addressed himself as Mr....

• Scene description 2: One day, a naive, kind lady entered the house as part of the family (marriage or for some reason). She befriended the guy (doctor) and encouraged him. One day, there comes an emergency incident in the house that the doctor is needed ASAP and the lady nominated the guy (doctor). Everyone was doubtful and questioned if he was prepared to step up. As they called him “Mr...”, the lady interjected mid-sentence loudly: “DOCTOR..... Call him doctor”


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