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Fri, Feb 22, 2019 5:42 PM

Animation series? Maybe japanese?

I'm looking for a animated series/cartoon. This serie is a mix of traditional hand made cartoon and computer.
It's from the 2000's (when i saw it, was around 2009/2010).
Tell's a story about the main character looking for his mother or father.
This character, as the others, has one pet/animal that evolves.
Thowards the end of his adventures, he fight a battle with a evil sorcerer/magician, who wants to destroy the earth by using some sort of crystals or stones.


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2 years ago

Oddly sounds like a cross between 『犬夜叉』 and The Golden Compass.

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2 years ago

It reminded me of something, but not from the 2000's. It's from my own childhood (70's):

It's about a kid with a pet monkey, who's looking for his mother. A Japanese animation, I remember it was very emotional and powerful, but I don't remember any supernatural wizard or anything. It was shown under the name "Marco" here in Turkey. Perhaps what you're looking for is a reworking of the same story.