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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 11:16 AM

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A guy breaks the bones in his arm and uses them to kill the mob boss?

As the title says it. I watched this movie on a TV years ago. It's about some muscle guy that is strong like an animal, that just got out either from a prison or a gym, something like that.

Anyway, the scene that got carved in my memory is near the end, when the mobsters finally catch up with him and tie him up in some warehouse. They leave him alone for a moment, and what does he do? - He takes a hammer and breaks his arm in half, under the elbow! Because he knew that they would search him before meeting with the boss. And when the boss finally comes, the protagonist jumps at him and cuts his throat with the exposed broken bone from his arm.

That is pretty much everything I can remember. I think it was possibly a "B" rated movie, so no recognizable actors. Maybe there was a girl there, I dunno. The rest of the plot was very cliche.
The only thing I do remember is that the movie portrayed the protagonist as an unstoppable animal. I think that they killed him in the end, but he got what he wanted - killing the mob boss.

Sorry I can't remember more. I don't even know how to google it, because I have no reference point except that scene.

Thanks in advance!

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@olansi 127 Hours Part 2: Cutthroat Island.