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Thu, May 7, 2020 8:33 AM

A film for grandma

Romantic movie (drama?) about (old?) married couple.
There's a scene where she is crying because her friend is dead and asked her husband, who is reading a newspaper, why he never said he loves her. Then the husband goes to work and meets his secretary/assistant crying: she says she dedicated her life to work, but he, her boss, never said to her she was a good assistant. Then he, the husband, buys a lot of roses and give them to the secretary, and a rose for his wife.
(Not sure about the end: he is stucked in the car by the snow and dies, maybe)
Do you know the title? This film reminds my grandma about grandpa and would to watch it again as a widow


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1 y ago

You may be thinking of Mr. & Mrs. Bridge