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Fri, Apr 16, 2021 5:40 PM

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Hello IMDb,


IMDb, is well known publicly for the entertainment information resources and people’s careers who work in their relative industry fields. In have created an IMDb page by sign-in, made a verifiable assigned name by IMDb, and added the page of my career and work history credits. I checked recently the page I created, now have added inaccurate filmography history credit.  I try to make a Ticket correction multiple times in the past few days one example is April 14, 2021 Ticket #210414-173112-424000 for filmography credit that added to an IMDb page.  My reply by IMDb is, “Your contribution has been declined. Reason Unable to verify.

My first and last name is very common. Why can someone with a similar first and last name without verification of account history and/or crowd source public contributor can inaccurately and randomly and easily add to someone else’s accurate and true verifiable account history created page with IMDb assigned name with creating filmography credits career work history credit?  

Whomever this other person(s) has now added inaccurate information about a verifiable page account history and can cause inaccurate reputation harm in an industry created by reputation and hard work in their careers. Alternatively, worst has a possibility now impersonate my career identity online credibility and is calming my work career history on IMDb publicly to add their own career history.  After I have put in the time to create accurate verifiable IMDb account page records.   

Please IMDb look into make a quick and necessary correction to my account page as example in April 14, 2021 Ticket #210414-173112-424000 for filmography credit ticket.


 Thank you


As a suggestion, why can IMDb asking by notifying if account page verifiable creator the real (me) first. By ask verifiable page creator if new added information via Crowdsourcing and/or Similar first and last name edit contributor i.e. Credits, Titles, Occupation, Attribute  ask to have option to (accept or not you) to find out if crowd source by someone else’s is true and accurate before publicly displaying automated by code algorithms.

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Your contribution has been declined. Reason Unable to verify.


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