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Fri, May 6, 2022 3:45 AM


Year correction in the Title

We are producers of the feature film Last Film Show (2021); we did premiere the movie in two festivals in the year 2021, and later the film went through re-edit, and only in 2022 it has started its theatrical release in many countries. The US, India, Japan Italy, France, and Latin American releases will be later this year in 2022. We need to change the year to 2022 because without this change we will be disqualified from many distributors' subsidies and grants. The truth is we never released the movie anywhere in 2021, we did go to 2 festivals while the movie was still in the post to sell the film, to raise the fund. The final cut of the film was only achieved in January 2022. So what should we do that the main title reads Last Film Show (2022)?  Thank you.

- Monsoon Films Private Limited



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2 m ago

Hi PanNalinLA -

We consider festival screenings to be an official release, as such we will need to retain the "2021" title year associated with those initial releases and the original film version.  If the film has been edited since those festival screenings, you can still add the release dates associated with the new version, but we cannot change the title year.

I hope this helps clarify.