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Mon, Mar 23, 2015 6:53 PM

Wrong Posters on some titles

Hello, I wanted to report three titles that I have found that have a wrong poster associated to them.

The first one is Pink Pajamas from 1929 This silent film has a poster featuring The Pink Panther, a character that did not exist until many years after this was filmed. The confussion is probably due to the fact that the first Pink Panther short has the same title, this image should be deleted from this film.

Next is Vice Versa from 1948, the film has the poster of a film called Vice Versa from 1988 which is based on the same story. However they are different films and the original version should not feature the poster of the newer version.

Finally Mexican film La Llorona from 1933 features a poster from another Mexican film also called La Llorona but released in 1960 in this case the poster was uploaded on the wrong title and should be posted in the 1960 version that has no poster in its page. Confirming this mistake is a ssimple as comparing the credited actors in the poster uploaded in the 1933 film, with the cast of the 1960 film and you'll see they are the same. This poster should be moced to the correct 

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