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Thu, Apr 1, 2021 12:08 AM

Wrong order of film entries for Joseph Leone

I was in the Sopranos as Vic Caputo, directed by Tim Van Patton, then Paul Castellano in Kingpin, directed by Riccardo Sanchez. TTwo milestones in my career. I got to work with James Gandolphini as his close friend, then as Paul Castellano, in a leading role. None of these are shown first. The poet ENglestrom is a short, I did not want that first. Dadetown was a hit when it came out directed by the late,  Russ Hexter, It was about the fictional town called Dadetown, a WWll era industry town that made airplane and war machine parts. Now that the digital age has arrived there is a clash of the old blue collar guard and the new, digital, fiber optic people. This was an important milestone throughout America as we marched into the then seedling fiber optic/techie world. I played Louis Wharton, a minor character in a major film. There was Benard and Doris with Susan Sarandon and others with Al Pacino. Why isn't this listed first? I get letters from fans asking me to autograph my pictures, from the middle or far northeastern part of the country. Somebody out there likes me. Joseph Leone


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You need to have an IMDB Pro account to be able to adjust Known For titles.

And if you would like to add your missing credits like Bernard and Doris, you can try to submit by using Edit Page button from title page, but I assume it's an uncredited work, so you would need to provide proof for your appearance and include (uncredited) attribute.

Alternatively, you can post your proofs here and a contributor may add them for you.