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Mon, Apr 13, 2020 2:49 PM

Wrong date for NCIS episode - mobile app only

On the mobile app (iOS version) the airdate for NCIS S01E01 "Yankee White" is given as 16 January 2003 which I thought was odd because that puts it between S01E11 and S01E12 (13 January and 3 February, respectively) - also, 16 January 2004 was a Friday and this show airs on Tuesdays.

I thought this was a simple error that I could correct through the browser version but I find that the date is given there as 23 September 2003, the Tuesday a week before the date given for S01E02 and also the date given by two other websites.

How can the mobile app disagree with the browser version, and how can it affect (as far as I know) just one episode of one show?




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6 months ago

According to the release dates page for that episode:
16 January 2004 is the UK release date.
When I view it in the Android app (I see you tagged this for Apple, which I don't have), I see a release date on the title page of 23 Sep 2003. 

Do you have your preferences set to the UK, or does your mobile access somehow look as though it's coming from the UK?