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Sun, Mar 25, 2018 8:15 AM

Writing Errors on Site -- How can they be corrected?

This website and many of its mini bios contain errors in phraseology, as is the situation with most writing on the Internet.  How can one get all these errors corrected?

EXAMPLE:  At, the site says:  "We are happy to answer your questions, reply to your problems and listen to your ideas.

CORRECTIONS:  Regarding "reply to your problems," we "reply" to a person and respond to or address a problem.

Regarding "listen to your ideas":  Since listening can occur only when one is in the same physical space as the speaker, one cannot "listen" to written ideas but one can "consider" and/or "evaluate" written ideas.

EXAMPLES:  The site states in #1 on the "Help Page":  "Providing these details will help us understand and help solve your problem."  This is better written as "Providing these details will help us understand and solve your problem.

In #2, this site wrote:  "Always cut and paste the URL to the exact page of the site where you experienced the problem. Even if it seems redundant, the site has literally millions of pages, so including the link can help us pinpoint the problem."

CORRECTIONS:  "cut and paste the URL to the exact page of the site" says to paste some unknown URL to a particular page.  A clearer and more correct way to state what the site needs is to ask the user to "paste the URL OF the page where the problem occurred." Or, "provide the location where the problem occurred by giving us the page's URL."

And the second sentence is much better written as:  Since the site has millions of pages, this link is needed to help us [pinpoint] [find] [locate] [identify] the problem."

In #3, the site wrote "The reason why we encourage users to check the support community is not just because there might already be an answer to your question, but also because there might be similar reports from other users. When the same problem is shared by a large number of users, it's definitely more likely to be caused by something else which we can investigate and prioritize a fix."

CORRECTIONS:  Because "reason why" is redundant, it should read "The reason we encourage . . .  This sentence is also better when written as two sentences:  "The reason we encourage users to check the support community is not just because there might be a previously posted answer to your question.  It's also because there may be similar reports from other users."  

The phrase "caused by something else which" should read "caused by something we can . . ."  

When, as in the last sentence, one subject, "we," has two verbs, "can investigate" and "prioritize," parallel construction must be employed.  In addition, "and ['we can' is implied here] prioritize a fix" has to be as correct as "which we can investigate," but it isn't unless "for" follows "fix."  However, since ending a sentence with a preposition is not advisable, the sentence's phraseology has to be changed to make it correct.  

EXAMPLES:  "caused by something we can investigate and fix as a priority."  Or, "caused by something for which we can prioritize an investigation and a fix."

By the way, the system wouldn't let me access the answers to similar questions. 


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3 years ago


Please contact Get Satisfaction directly to provide the feedback listed here. Their community is located at:




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Trevor: It's no longer possible for regular users like Martha or me to participate in the Get Satisfaction community that you linked to. It used to be, but not anymore.

Now we get a message there that says, "Access is only granted to current Get Satisfaction customers. Please ensure that you are logging in using your employee account for your community."

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Thanks gromit82. My apologies, I was unaware of this.

Martha, I'll be sure to forward your feedback to Get Satisfaction directly.