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Tue, Aug 23, 2016 6:57 PM

World Without End

I cannot add the position Post Production Producer to my IMDB page, though that is what i was credited with on "World Without End". I was told to resubmit, but it will not allow me to add it under my name and insists on creating a new name. What can i do?


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5 y ago

(Note:  I'm not with IMDb, and I'm not an expert.)

I assume that you are correctly trying to add the credit on title pages
(e.g. episode pages),  adding the "post production producer" credit
to the "Producer" section?  I believe that should be the right way to
go about it, so it should  work.

Did the following message appear?

    "'Hutchison, Gregor' does not have any existing credits
      in this section.  Are you sure this is the right person? ..."

Since this will be the first Producer credit in your name on IMDb,
I believe the appropriate option would be:

    "This is the first credit in this section for 'Hutchison, Gregor'."

If you select that option and then click "Re-check these updates",
the page should show "green" status so you can complete the submission.