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Wed, Apr 7, 2021 5:42 PM

Why is my review continually declined?

This is not the first time that I have had to re-submit a review multiple times in order for it to be published, while I can find absolutely nothing within the text that breaks your TOS. The first few reviews, I noted that I had to remove any and all "foul language", despite this not being in your TOS. However, with this particular review, I have not the slightest idea what the issue is, unless we're talking incredible levels of semantics. I've taken issue with your team recently, as there is mountains of blatant racism and bigotry on this site that goes unchecked, whilst my reviews are often immediately suppressed for no reason whatsoever. I'd like to get a definitive answer on this, because unless I get one, you're about to lose my patronage. Here's the review in question. Note, that I have re-submitted it again with minor changes.

  • Phobias (2021)
    • User Review Addition
      • Text: It's extremely difficult to put this film into words. It is simply such a confused, muddled, laughably pretentious, but blatantly empty-headed mess that it almost defies explanation. It certainly defies logic. It didn't have to be this way. The concept of the film itself is decent enough, but the execution is unbelievably bad. At it's core, this is simply an anthology film, meant to tie together several traumatized people's psychological and supernatural experiences with a wrap-around in which they have been kidnapped by a corporation that is seeking to literally "extract" and "weaponize" the emotion of fear itself. I'm always down for a good omnibus film, and one about individual phobias shouldn't be that hard to pull off. That's the film's first inexplicable mistake.

        This is not a film about "phobias" whatsoever. It would've been more appropriately titled "Traumas" as a traumatic event is the only reoccurring theme in each segment. Only one of the five stories here addresses an actual phobia, despite the title card of each opening with the name of a phobia that is usually inappropriate to the content of the tales themselves. The next glaring issue, is that this is a film that attempts to link each of it's stories into one coherent thread, but utterly fails to do so. None of these stories have anything to do with one and other, let alone do many of them make any sense on their own. Even the shadowy organization that is supposed to be the backbone of the entire film is nonsensical. It's never explained or rationalized whatsoever, why this team of scientists wants to, or how they plan to "weaponize fear". It's only briefly touched upon that the sadistic doctor wants to "change the world" with the gas that is inexplicably created by electrocuting his prisoners, which in turn, for no logical reason, causes them to relive their most traumatic memories.

        We've no idea what these people plan to do with the "fear gas", though other characters momentarily suggest some sort of conspiracy. Each of the segments are brief and pointless, none of them telling coherent, meaningful stories. They mostly seem like a completely random collection of weird events with no rhyme or reason. Even worse is that the film is chock-full of stilted, sometimes downright atrocious acting. And despite having numerous directors, the entire picture has the look and feel. There is a constantly annoying sound design, bombarding the viewer with sharp noises and obnoxiously loud, pulsating bass. Perhaps in an attempt to inflict tension that is instead simply grating. Even the visual effects are laughable. There simply isn't one, single, redeeming factor about this absolute turd. You get the distinct feeling that the filmmaker's actually thought they were making some sort of point here, which only compounds what terrible filmmakers they are. An utter failure on every account. Perhaps the only good thing to be said about it is that the film has a polish and glean to it's cinematography that is utterly wasted on an imbecilic script, terrible actors and a pointless film.
      • Summary: Unfathomably bad.

      • What I have opted to remove this time is the sentence "You get the distinct feeling that the filmmakers actually thought they were making some sort of point here, which only compounds what terrible filmmakers they are." I suppose this could be read as being too antagonistic, though, as I said, this is semantics, and incredibly hypocritical on your parts. Especially taking into account the sheer amount of hatred spewed at certain directors and actors in reviews that are approved here each day. Thank you for your time.



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9 d ago

I really do not see an issue with your review.

Even the removed sentence was unoffensive!!

Wait for a staff reply.

Michelle or Taylor will likely be the ones.

They are fair and will point out what the issue is, if there really is one!!

Good Luck




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8 d ago

Hi BeanieCore -


I reviewed the content of your User Review for "Phobias" and didn't identify any violating content, as such I have now approved this User Review and it should be listed live on the site shortly.