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Wed, Feb 14, 2018 3:53 PM


Why is IMDB and in association amazon allowing racists to pull down the score of a movie?

When the review is out right racist why is it allowed to impact a movie's score? or even allowed on IMBD?

Reviews on IMDB are used to judge if a movie is good or not and in part that could have a direct effect on if someone goes and sees or purchases a movie. When that score is dragged down by reviews that are racist and have a terrible bias. What is IMDB doing to correct those scores? I do not know or expect any person to go through every review and verify the score of the movie or search for bias. But when it is blatant why isn't IMDB doing anything to stop it?

The following is an actual review of the upcoming black panther movie. I have reported it for its vulgar use of language but I do not think that is enough. Looking through many of the other aprox 3500 one star reviews of the movie they have the same tone and obvious bias. Some of which use the same vocabulary to announce their displeasure. In this review the reviewer seems to try and cover up their racism and then in the last sentence puts it out on display.

michaelbyrd-8309114 February 2018
Worst movie, I've ever seen its terrible there's so many black people and there is no diversity. How can movies represent society if they are not diverse. It is extremely racist and has no place being a movie in 2018 with no diversity. Someone needs to put these self righteous fucking niggers in their place.
- end of review - 

Some would want to turn this into a debate about freedom of speech but this is a website hosted by a company and the reviews and content of this website does have an effect on the reputation of that company. As well, when logging on you agree to a terms of use. So this is not a freedom of speech issue. If you walked into a store and used that same vocabulary they would ask you to leave as well.

I just don't want racists ruining the reputation of what can be a perfectly good movie.

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