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Fri, Jun 11, 2021 9:45 AM

Why is audio only content listed?

To quote Jonathan Rigby on facebook, 


Hey, actor friends! Want to increase your TV credits on that wacky resource they call IMDb? Simple - just do a few audio dramas, for Big Finish or some other such specialist company.
Yes, they've reached peak insanity over there, now adding audio dramas to an already error-strewn site and calling them - get this - 'TV mini-series'. Podcasts are plain 'television series' and audio commentaries are 'video documentaries'. The fine distinction between sound and vision seems to have eluded them entirely. A pandemonium of nonsense and misinformation (even worse misinformation than there is already) can be the only outcome.
I wonder if they're going to employ someone to add every single radio play broadcast since 1922? Maybe they'll be rebranding them as - I don't know - TV specials.
Various audio only content that I've tried deleting. 
Everything here but Shada, Real Time and Judge Dredd vs Death-  https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?companies=co0116559
Why are radio/podcasts listed here/


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9 d ago

Why not?

The only thing wrong with them is the fact that there's no audio only categories on IMDB yet like Radio Series, Radio Show and Podcast, or more specific genres like Radio Drama, Radio Comedy, or Radio Interview.

Some Radio Shows have been going for years and even have online video's of the full show or short online videos of specific segments of the show to go along with them.

Whoever this Jonathan Rigby is, he's shown that he's not following IMDB's rules by trying to delete titles which are allowed, and which he knows are allowed.

I've only had a quick glance at the list of shows from Big Finish Productions, but it looks like some of them should be part of a series rather than as individual titles, but if my suspicions are correct, then they could be corrected easily.

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I just think it's needless, adding more heft to the imdb. Give them their own db.



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1 d ago

Hi MxGeorgeWhite -

As per the announcement Marco linked to above, while we now allow the listing of podcast titles on the site, we are not yet listing broadcast radio shows or audio book titles.

If you encounter any audio titles on the site that you believe are ineligible (if they are not a podcast), then I encourage you to report them for removal through our Contact Form.