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Friday, September 15th, 2023 5:46 PM



Why has my review not been processed after several months?

I left a review for a certain TV show several months ago and was advised it had been received and was being processed as normal, but since then it has been radio silence. Why has this taken so long? I have not received any emails or other notifications to advise that it had been refused, so I would like to know just what is going on.

The review was largely negative but met all standards of decorum and was appropriately marked for spoilers, so this is rather suspicious for that reason alone.

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3 months ago

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? ?

Someone may ask you to post the 18 digit number from
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3 months ago

Hello OldManFromScene24,

Can you post the 18-digits submission reference number ? in order to take a look for you! 

You can find your submissions for User Reviews on our Contribution History Beta.