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Sun, Jul 2, 2017 1:33 AM

Why does some data take longer to be submitted, though it is the same data, the same contribution, for example: trivia items?


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4 y ago

I don't think they work 24/7 and as all submissions have to be approved it all depends on how busy they are. I mean they have to sleep and have a social life, and just imagine working all day and night and going home to a cranky wife, no one wants that.
You should check the processing times.

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4 y ago

Hi there,

Different data types are processed at different times by the appropriate data manager.

As Twiggy mentioned above, the processing times can be found here:

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4 y ago

@twiggy, makes a lot of sense, yes. But since the day I started adding and editing, I was thinking there was always someone available out there. With that I mean: always another person taking care of your submissions. Like working with shifts or something like that... @Rebecca, thanks for clearing that up. Anyway, ergo my question. :)