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Thu, Dec 11, 2014 5:53 PM

Why do you have me as uncredited on ARGO when I did get a credit? I have a screen grab to prove it.

You have me as uncredited for the Extras Casting we did on ARGO while it was shooting in DC. I was credited and I have a screen grab to prove it. How do I post so you can fix my page?


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6 years ago

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6 years ago

Hi, Carlyn. Your screenshot is a bit blurry and upside-down, so let's improve it first:

I was credited and I have a screen grab to prove it...
No, you are not credited; your company is credited... and IMDb correctly lists it:

See this paragraph from the official guide [emphasis added]:
If a company or team worked on a film (for example a visual effects company) and received an onscreen credit for its contribution, then an individual who worked as part of that company or team is not eligible to be listed in IMDb because he's already covered by the collective company credit. In other words if company XYZ worked on a film production and is credited on the film, you are not eligible for a credit even if you were a XYZ employee at the time, unless you ALSO received on-screen billing.