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Thu, Apr 5, 2018 3:37 PM

"Whispers" FAKE, fake, fake CONTINUOUS Reviews.

"Whispers" film-maker's apparently visit the Whispers page EVERY DAY and push up the ratings DAILY (no exaggeration).  They do the same on RedBox where they sell the film.  Both sites have a combination of high reviews (by them) and ALL 1-stars by everyone else who were suckered in to renting this film which truly, seems as if it was filmed with an iPhone).  I urge people to watch the trailer and to KEEP reporting because IMDb actually DID clean up this page and title several months back and removed almost every "fake" review, but apparently they began leaving them again after January 2017.  

Please IMDb, keep your reputation as a reputable site and check out the films we report for this practice.




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3 years ago

Hi Xerra,

Please see this guide for details on how to submit a report on a review to our data editors.


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Thank you, but no, it's not me who is leaving the fake positive reviews.  :) 

It is a case of the film-maker(s) continuously leaving 8-10-star reviews and 10-ratings for themselves.  It happened every day for a long time and after anyone left a real review saying how bad the film actually is, they would post two or three 8-10 star ones within the very same day to negate EACH of the bad ones.  (Truly one of the worst cases of fake reviews and ratings I've seen). 

In any case, about a year back, once it was reported several times to IMDB and Mr. Needham himself (back then), IMDb deleted literally DOZENS and DOZENS of the ones which seemed to be "the fakest".  Unfortunately, they still either left a few, or the filmmakers re-posted, but the issue is now that they keep "thumbing" them up so that the good reviews are at the top, unless they are constantly thumbed down. 

It's not a huge issue in that if one takes into consideration the number of titles (films) there are, it is a drop in the ocean, but it isn't right because the fake review thing is like a disease that's spreading, and what are review sites if not where ones goes to get ACTUAL reviews and not skewed ones in order to rip-off people for $2 rental fees each. :D

Again, just a heads-up that the title "Whispers" which was corrected to more accurately reflect real reviews (although the rating is still absurdly high) about a year ago, still sometimes needs 'cleaning up', although today it looks great, so maybe someone already did.


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P.S.  Also, please note that under the link you provided, it says:  "We will not remove a review unless it violates our guidelines. Due to the volume of traffic, we are unable to follow up on individual reports" but there is nor Report option for "Suspected Fake"


"If you want us to investigate potential abuse, please provide the URL to the exact user review and include the author's name and review's summary via our community platform Get Satisfaction", which I did.

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The problem is not A movie with fake reviews, it’s the entire IMDB product being wrecked by them. Dont solve it by having people report them because that’s NOT the solution.