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Mon, Aug 12, 2019 6:24 AM

Vicky or Vicki Thomson

Vicky Thomson - nm9204601

The above person has ten credits as a casting associate for the first season of “Riviera” tt5936448.

The name on the credits is Vicky Thomson.

These are the only credits for this person.

Each of the credits has an attribute – 

(casting associate: UK - as Vicky Thomson)

This is unusual but sometimes occurs when names are changed/ edted.

I was planning to remove this superfluous text, but decided to investigate first.

There is another person with a similar name – 

Vicki Thomson - nm4800966

This second person has multiple credits as a casting director/ associate. 

My thoughts are that somehow the original contributor may have

  • seen the first name 
  • entered the credits into a submission form, but did not submit them immediately
  • investigated and discovered the second name
  • realised that this was the right person
  • added the attribute - (as Vicky Thomson)
  • not changed the actual name, resulting in credits that looked like
Vicky Thomson  ...... casting associate: UK ...... (as Vicky Thomson)
  • submitted the data
  • repeated the error by copying the credits as each new episode was added.

Vicki Thomson has her own website - Vicki Thomson Casting

However it only lists her more recent projects.

So, my question is 

Would it be reasonable to assume that ‘Vicky Thomson’ is actually ‘Vicki Thomson’ and merge the names?




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a year ago

Hi Graham,

Thanks for your message. No these credits are for different individuals. I've removed the incorrect (as) credits now.