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Sun, Oct 17, 2021 4:34 PM


User submitting "imdb page editor" credits

This person (quite innocently, I'm sure) seems to have taken it upon himself to add a "thanks" credit to each title where he has submitted data and/or created the page:

All 57 of his "thanks" credit are either "imdb page editor" or "imdb page creator". (For what it's worth, I've checked the credits of about a dozen of these titles, just in case, but of course his name wasn't listed on any of them.)

I'm willing to submit the deletions myself, but given the number of these and how recent they are (and how much his IMDb page appears to mean to him, judging by the amount of personal data on there), this is clearly going to keep happening and I can't keep monitoring the situation for however many years it takes. Would it be possible for a staff member to put some kind of block on any further "thanks" submissions from this person's account, or possibly to contact him and explain the situation?

Many thanks

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Thank you for flagging this.


This data has now been removed.