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Fri, May 6, 2022 8:48 AM


update receipt #220504-052639-076000

I need to add one of the credits of a series and it was rejected:

"Your contribution has been declined.Your contribution did not meet our formatting standards. Please review our submission guides."

I don't understand what malformed means. I have made many changes in credits without problems. Some help?



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2 m ago

Hi yardas -

I can confirm that the likely reason your cast credit request was declined was due to the character name, "Actor 1".  Unless you were credited on-screen with this name, our preference  is that you list the exact character name that is credited on-screen, if your name is not credited, then our preference is to list the character name that was spoken on-screen. If your character was not referenced by name, then you should include a brief character description, such as: "dog walker", "cofee barista", "Nun", etc.

However, if you were credited on-screen as "Actor1", I encourage you to resubmit the credit this time including an evidence link to a screen grab to help verify the credit.  For more information onhow to provide credit evidence see our Help Guide.

I hope this helps.