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Sat, Aug 16, 2014 9:21 AM

Un-merge two profiles - imdb refuses, what to do?

Hi there, I have a big problem! maybe someone of you could help? I'm Anton z Risan, and I have a few small credits in minor films as cast/producer/ etc And it all used to be fine, but recently my imdb page has been merged with someone else called Anton Dickson that has his own credits in the cast category,

The page is this:

I have requested that imdb split up these two profiles / correct their data, but so far they haven't, saying that the data is correct (but it's not), and saying that as the website is showing a merged data for these two seperate persons they cannot change their data,

I have messaged with the freebase team and they won't so far change their data as they are taking the information from the imdb website (which is wrong), so at the moment I'm in a limbo...

This has caused me huge distress and I've lost out on work opportunities in the last year as the other persons credits are linked to adult content films, which I have nothing to do with. Can anyone please help me correct this information,

thank you Kind regards Anton




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6 years ago

Anton: How did you submit your request to have the credits separated? Did you use the "Edit page" function or did you submit a request to the Help Desk? (Usually, I would think that the "Edit page" method would work better.)

Can you post a list here of which of the credits on the combined page are yours, and what part of the biographical information at is yours?

And do you happen to know what the data at has to do with the situation? I had never heard of that site before and I didn't know that IMDb might be relying on it.

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I wouldn't think should have anything to do with it. It's level of reliability is far below IMDB; all of their data is typically curated from other sites.

The Film domain is one of the most complete domains in Freebase with more than 33,000 films, about 23,000 of which have structured information loaded from Wikipedia infoboxes.
And how often does wikipedia infoboxes use IMDB as their reference source ? It's most of them.

It does make changing things on IMDB occasionally difficult if you can't find any other references with original data; since so many of them are now relying on IMDB to always be correct (which is certainly the goal... but there wouldn't be a help forum if this were magically always true...)

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Hi there Grommi82 / Vincent,

thank you for the answers, I have tried both method to get the page updated/corrected/split, both the edit page function, as well as a request through the help desk, both have been un-successful so far, and I tried several times, so hopefully you guys can help me?

here is the complete list, as far as my credits goes:

Personal Info:
My name is Anton Zivojin Risan (ie. the Anton Z Risan),
I was born in Sweden, I'm 1.80m tall,
I was indeed born on the 16th July 1975
I don't have any nicknames
(Note: It's not me on the photo)

- Camera and Electrical Department: 1. Seeing Heaven (2010) - Stills photographer

- Editorial Department: 1. Seeing Heaven (2010) - assistant editor

- Visual Effects: 1. Seeing Heaven (2010) - visual effects

- Casting Director: 1. Eastman Featuring Neve: Greedy Eyes (2011) - casting director
2. Seeing Heaven (2010) - casting director

- Editor: 1. Seeing Heaven (2010) - editor
2. Eastman Featuring Neve: Greedy Eyes (2011) - editor

- Director: 1. Eastman Featuring Neve: Greedy Eyes (2011) - director

- Producer: 1. Eastman Featuring Neve: Greedy Eyes (2011) - executive producer
2. Seeing Heaven (2010) - line producer, producer

- The summer of the Massacre (2006) (V) (uncredited) - guy running in the forest
- Seeing Heaven (2010) - Pan
- The Raspberry Reich (2004) - Clyde

All the other actor credits is not me, and belongs to the Anton Dickson person,

Also note that the 'short film' - "Azrael" was never realised (it was an early student project that never came to fruit - don't know who added it on imdb and credited me in it?), it never happend, so this film / and relevant credits needs to be removed completely from IMDB, I have tried, but so far without success... hm, would be grateful for any help on this too issue too.

(ps: I don't know much about the freebase I was just advice - by another site I realised now - not IMDB - that a lot of other sites takes their information from that site too apparently, and on there it says:

Where there is a lot of information that is incorrect, for example it adds more names to me (such as Per, Mattias, as well as linking the Anton Dickson name to my Anton Zivojin Risan name), 
I am a photographer and an architect indeed as it states, but not a classical ballet dancer, I was in a film called Raspberry Reich (which was not pornographic - although gay themed in 2004). I'm of Croatian background (not Serbian), god knows where they got all the other incorrect information from as it's completely not true, nor relevant.

would appreciate any help on this thank you so much.
thank you so much for all your help,
much appreciated,
thank you,
kind regards anton

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So, I've just spent about 3 hours (not joking...) combing through websites and video footage and here's where I am on this:

There was a film named Azrael released into Porn Film Festivals in 2011; you can still find the trailer on youtube. It was put up in 2012 and mentions it was already released and about to be shown in more festivals:

This is the film appearing in IMDB credits as Azrael

and its on a channel run by "Anton Z Risan"

The same channel has videos for Seeing Heaven which you also claim is yours.

It's also mentioned on that same channel that Anton Z Risan used to work as a dancer

Anton Risan doing pirouettes in the big Rome Cathedral, filmed by Ben on
my phone, sorry i dont end up in the centre of the square, this was several years after i quit working as a dancer hehe

There is video of the pirouettes on the same channel.

So it seems there is some conflicting information here. There is an Anton Z Risan and he has a channel on youtube where he claims to have been a dancer (which you say you aren't) and he claims the short Azrael was released (to a porn festival no less), though you say it wasn't, and there's trailers of it on the channel; and he claims to have worked on seeing Heaven (which you claim is yours)

He also seems to be the person responsible for making the trailers for the Berlin Porn Film Festival:

Oh, and he claims to be an architect, producer, editor, photographer... (same as you)

Now here's where it gets really weird.

See, you claimed that you are in Raspberry Reich. Ok, but here's the thing. I can find interviews with "Anton Dickson" at the Berlin Porn Festival (for which Anton Risan makes the trailers) and "Dickson" is answering questions about being in the Raspberry Reich.

And the guy in the interview who is claiming to be Anton Dickson at the porn festival; looks just like the guy in the video making Swedish cinnamon rolls and going by the name Anton Risan on... Anton Risans video channel:

He also has a profile on vimeo where he claims to be a retired classical ballet dancer (even though you say, you are not).. but on his vimeo profile there's the greedy eyes video (that you claim is yours); and its been posted there for a couple of years now

hey folk's, i'm anton Z risan, a Swedish / Croatian architect, photographer, music video Director & feature film Producer, as well as a retired classical ballet dancer etc... welcome to my video site, where you can see some of my work... oh and i live in London, UK,
Everything on vimeo (pictures of anton and biography claims) all match up with the youtube channel profiles and info from the videos linked there as well. And more links to work done for the Berlin porn festival.

Now; taking this one step further. Lets take a look at the Linkedin profile:

ARB/RIBA Architect, Photographer, Video Director / Producer @ atelier a-z, & ex Classical Ballet Dancer

London, United Kingdom Architecture & Planning
Notice the ballet dancer in the title?

Here's the thing. I know how Linkedin works (I use it all the time). Everything that appears on Linkedin is 100% under the control of the person who makes the profile.

That Anton Z Risen is a ballet dancer (or so he claims, and no one else can put that info there). That Anton Z Risan claims to a photographer and architect (like you do)

That Anton Z Risen Linkedin profile links to all of the credits you claim to have worked on:!__video/feature

Thing is, that's the same guy claiming to be Anton Dickson in the interview at the Berlin Porn festival and answering questions about Raspberry Reich

I'm not finding any evidence anywhere of another person named Anton Risan other than this guy who can be cross linked to a youtube channel, a Linkedin profile and his own website. All of which claim the credits you are asking for.

But than those sites also claim the things you deny as being you.

The only thing at odds with the info I'm finding is the picture of Anton Dickson on IMDB.

But than the Anton Dickson I find in the interview at the Berlin Porn Festival talking about Raspberry Reich looks like the Anton Risan on everything else I've found that name on.

Here's the thing; I can not find any other evidence of another Anton Risan. Can you show anything to separate you from the youtube channel? or the linkedin profile? or Anton Risans personal homepage? Or vimeo? Or any of a dozen other websites where I can show these two are the same people?

There's at least 3 or 4 pages for an Anton Risan out there which are not taking their info from IMDB and those pages all seem to link to one person claiming to be Anton Risan (and these are site pages that need to be setup by the person who created them ~ no one else can add info to a youtube channel description, a linkedin resume profile or a personally owned website, or a vimeo page. These aren't community curated like wikipedia or

Is that person you? And if so, how do you explain that all those pages include info contradictory to your claims here.

If its not you, than there's an Anton Risan out there working on some of the same films as you; and he used to be in ballet and he looks a heck of a lot like some guy in some porn movies that uses the stage name Anton Dickson (who also does interviews as Dickson while talking about movies you say are yours...)

So.... I'm confused; can you link anything anywhere that is you? I can sit here and connect the dots all day but they are all adding up to one person.

On a side note; if Anton Risan and Anton Dickson do turn out to be all one person than:
1. that picture probably needs to come down, it doesn't look like anyone I've found anywhere else online claiming to be Anton Risan/Dickson

2. The main name should probably be changed to Risan with Dickson being the "credited as" for certain roles since it's only a stage name.


Not ready to stop yet... so gonna keep looking:

Also, there's no other Anton Z Risan on Linkedin:

Whoever he is, there's your ballet dancer and the credits for most of those films based on the sites he linked to in his profiles and the videos he has up on youtube. In fact he pretty much lays claim to everything you are asking for.

Oh, this pretty much wraps it up for me because here he is again as Anton Dickson:

This is for the video "In bed with spike", you can find the casts pictures at the bottom and Anton Dickson clearly looks like Anton Z Risan on Linkedin

That Anton Dickson in the cast photos for In bed with Spike also looks like the Anton Dickson in the Berlin Porn festival video giving an interview about Raspberry Reich (which you say you were in).

So, that's kinda where we are with this.

The IMDB profile for Anton Z Risan is for some guy who uses the stage name Anton Dickson in porn. IMDB does not separate stage names from real names and will keep them as one page.

What needs to be corrected is the picture (since the IMDB photo is not this guy); and the name should be changed to Risan (since Dickson is the stage name)

So aside from some minor corrections, the page as is does not need to be separated.

However, if you are some other Anton Z Risan who just happens to have worked on some of these same films; could you link some info from somewhere to show who you are? If you aren't that guy than you would deserve your own page as "Anton Z Risan (II)"

But like I said, the page as is, well that's for the guy who I just ended up researching and proving is the same person.

Oh, and here's the 13 other videos Anton Dickson is in:
(Also porn, not safe for work)

And its still clearly that guy named Anton Z Risan from all the other websites I linked...

Anton Dickson (from porn vid image), Anton Risan (from linkedin)

Linkedin, no one can upload images but the owner of the page (who also writes the profile)
I mean, is that you? or not... Because that's definitely the same person and there doesn't seem to be any other Anton Z Risan anywhere online; and it would be really odd for you to have both worked on Raspberry Reich with the same name and no one introduced you to him.

So, like I said, IMDB does not separate porn stage names from real names. One person, one page, all stage names.

(and I'm not being judgmental, I could care less if you were in porn, a job is a job, it doesn't mean anything to me)

That was way more gay porn than I've ever had an interest in looking up.. but it was all in the name of research...

Edit: eyes blurry, tired, too many typos. I think I fixed them all; if there's any spellings of the name Risan as Risen or Dickson as Dickonson ~ sorry, I tried to fix them all, but that was a lot of typing after way more research than I usually put into one post...

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That is tremendous, I don't think I've seen that much masturbation research go into an answer...really well done.
You'll need this now though.

note: I am not staff nor in any way affiliated with IMDb

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@Vincent...great work.  Sorry that people waste the time of others this way.  It's really becoming ridiculous.  There are so many of these now.

@bob...LOL, awesome post!

@Anton...why???  I don't expect an answer to that, but thought I'd try and hoped you'd return with an apology.  It's far more likely, you will just not return to the thread, except maybe when you find out that it you can't deleted it and that it now appears when people google you (and you, in stead, just change your user name)...

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I don't need an apology. I'd actually just like confirmation.

I just want to embrace the truth and make the page more accurate.

And I hope Anton realizes this isn't put together maliciously. The goal here is accuracy, not judgement.

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Absolutely...but still it would be nice...

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Hi there,

and thank you for all the research you have done Vincent, and the fun comment from Bob, and the bitchy comment from BluesmanSF, all good indeed, you can reach me on
and I would be happy to answer / clarify any questions you might have,

thank you,
kind regards anton