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unable to verify

Recently, in my contributions, I have added Polish premiere dates and, at the same time, a responsible distributor to the films. I try to give a proven source, sometimes two, to confirm my contribution. Unfortunately, my contribution is recognized selectively.

Dates are lightly handled, and suddenly, from the SAME source, it is not able to identify a distributor when it is possible and easy to verify:






The sources included come from the website "Box Office'owy Zawrót Głowy" documenting the box office in Polish cinemas. Each one has a table with the most profitable films for a given year. There is all the information - dates, number of viewers, title, country and the Polish company distributing the film. This is a fishing "Dystrybutor" what can be translated in English on "Distributor". Which is not at all difficult.


In this case, I used the Filmopedia.org website. It contains digitized scans of the Film magazine, the oldest and most important Polish cinema magazine. Each has a distributor, which is easy to find or associate facts. The information contained in the scans is in Polish, but it can be translated into English:







In the case of "Star Wars", the situation is similar:


The source is the document about the beginnings of "Star Wars" in Poland and the circumstances of the Polish premiere of the movie. The Polish distributor was also given, which was the "Zjednoczenie Rozpowszechniania Filmów" here referred to as the "Zrzeszenie Rozpowszechniania Filmów". This document has aldo English subtitles, and there is no way the editor can say that it unabled to verify. I have given the appropriate mark in which the information appears to make it easier and faster to get to know it.


In addition to the above, I also have one more request regarding the allegedly unverifiable sources.

I gave a contribution regarding "Świat według Kiepskich":
# 220421-101504-538000

In this episode, Andrzej Grabowski had a two roles. As I gave an excerpt from the official Facebook episode "Świat według Kiepskich", where you can see the actor in a double role - the main character (a person wearing a toga) and Stańczyk (a character wearing a jester costume), which is also informed in the entry. What else should I give for the editor to acknowledge it, I don't know.



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